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Introducing MMIB - Management, Marketing and International Business

MMIB departmental office

Exciting Changes in the MMIB Department

As you consider where you’ll pursue your studies, Eastern Kentucky University encourages you to ask yourself:

  • “What do I want to do with my life?” and
  • “Who can help me reach that destination?”

Advancing technology makes it impossible to ignore our interdependent global business environment. Introducing MMIB - Management, Marketing and International Business.

There have been some exciting changes, including a new name, for this department. Dr. Lana Carnes, chair of MMIB, says that these changes will “increase the visibility of the department and provide more opportunities for students.”

MMIB is in touch with the global community and has created programs that enhance students in a global way. Adding International Business to the department name better represents the faculty, students and university programs available. MMIB is the sixth largest department at EKU and also the most diverse. Thirty-one percent of faculty and 19 percent of students are international.  

MMIB has taken on its new name, created two new minors to enhance the resume of non-business majors, and expanded opportunities for students who study abroad. Something for everyone!

International Business Major

Discovering the world and working internationally doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. Whatever your plans for the future, the international business degree will prepare you for your destination working in the global community.

EKU’s international business major gives business students the opportunity to study global commerce in the 21st century. EKU faculty is internationally renowned. Through presentations at international conferences and collaborating with colleagues worldwide, MMIB faculty are leaders in international business. “It’s got to be a process of continuous learning about other cultures and valuing other cultures enough to understand them,” says Dr. Faridah Awang, Professor of Corporate Communication and Technology. Appreciating differences and learning to work together will make a significant impact on how we continue to interact in the global business world.

Students complete coursework in international business, management science, international business communications, principles of international finance, and international management and marketing. Students will also take six hours of the foreign language of their choice. International students may choose to fulfill their study abroad requirement through internships, cooperative education, or approved upper-division courses in business or economics.

The most exciting part of this program is the six hours of business credit students obtain abroad through study and/or internship in a foreign country. Experiencing another culture first hand is the best and most effective way to accurately see the rest of the world.

Study Abroad

Do you want to study in Germany, China or Spain?  Earn business credit while simultaneously gaining an experience abroad that will forever change the way you see the world.

The study abroad opportunities at EKU are expansive. Choose between AVANS University programs or the Magellan Exchange and pay regular EKU tuition and fees.

Avans Exchange & Dual Degree

AVANS University, located in the Netherlands, has campuses in Breda, ‘S-Hertogenbosch and Tilburn, with each location offering a different range of study programs. Full-time programs of study include International Business, Economics, and Foreign Languages. Similar to EKU, AVANS has approximately 16,000 students. EKU business students may choose to study for one semester or to pursue the Dual Degree Option.

Don’t worry, all courses are taught in English and if you can’t commit a full year, there are summer, winter and single semester programs as well as year-long programs. Resources are comparable to those at EKU.

EKU's School of Business and AVANS have a Dual Degree Option for exchange participants. Earning a dual degree at EKU is special because few other schools offer this option. With AVANS University, business students may earn a dual degree.  Students who complete a year of work at AVANS receive a bachelor’s degree from AVANS upon completion of their business degree at EKU.

Business, economics, and globalization majors from EKU are encouraged to participate in an international exchange program as are candidates for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Find out more about AVANS at

Magellan Exchange

The Magellan Exchange offers an opportunity for students of member institutions to have an affordable educational and cultural experience in a foreign country for a semester or a full year. Member institutions are located in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. As with AVANS, students have options for the length of program that works for them.

“Participants will not only gain global knowledge, develop cultural adaptability and increase their international understanding, but also grow in maturity and self awareness.”
More on the Magellan Exchange at

Minors for Non-Business Majors

MMIB has exciting new minors available for non-business students -- International Business or Entrepreneurship. Offered to non-business students, they are designed to compliment a wide variety of other majors.

International Business Minor

The new International Business minor was specifically created for non-business majors. This opportunity allows students to gain knowledge in international business, study abroad, and participate in business courses. The International Business minor is offered to students majoring in programs other than business who have a desire to gain knowledge in international business and experience business courses through study abroad.

It turns out that it was a language major that brought this idea to Dr. Carnes attention and inspired her to design a minor for non-business students. The minor itself does not require any language courses or foreign language speaking ability and the classes taken abroad are offered in English.

A minor in international business develops students who are internationally aware and knowledgeable in a growing global economy. This minor is geared toward non-business majors and makes an excellent compliment for a foreign language major. However, students from most any area of study could benefit from an experience studying abroad and the business knowledge gained from this program.

The program consists of eighteen hours of required course work in international business,principles of management, international business communications, international management and six hours of business credit from approved courses studied and completed abroad.


“Entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.”  - Niccolo Machiavelli

Are you an entrepreneur or do you dream of someday opening your own business? A minor in entrepreneurship could benefit a wide variety of non-business majors from health science, technology, to construction management. Adding a minor is a great way to set yourself apart and diversify your knowledge. A minor will enhance your resume as well as marketability; one of these minors might be just what you need to get where you want to go.

Entrepreneurship is a new opportunity that is offered to non-business majors and is specifically designed for non-business students who have the desire to obtain basic business knowledge. You might not need to major in business to own and operate your own, but you do need to gain the basic business knowledge that will become part of every day life as an entrepreneur.

This minor consists of 18 hours of required courses including introduction to financial accounting, entrepreneurship, personal money management, principles of management, small business management and principles of marketing. Students also get to choose three hours of electives from a selection of specified business courses.

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Dr. Lana Carnes

Published on April 10, 2012

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