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EKU SAM Club: Helping the Community and Making four-legged Friends

EKU student works with puppies at the Humane Society

EKU’s Society for Advancement of Management, also known as SAM, is a student run club designed for leaders-in-the-making. The group honored their mission statement "to provide an opportunity for the members to increase management skills and expertise through participation in programs and services designed to improve the professional quality of their knowledge, performance, and leadership ability" by exploring a service project of improving their abilities through serving their community at the Humane Society on the weekends.

On October 21, SAM provided personnel to help with daily tasks at the Humane Society. Their work included facility maintenance, animal care, and small renovation projects. The Humane Society was grateful for the work that SAM completed in their five hours of service, and has welcomed them back for future service.

Kitten at the Humane SocietyThe SAM Members shared some of their most memorable furry-friends and why they were so special,  “We loved getting to dedicate our time to the humane society on Saturday. While most of our time was focused on helping out with janitorial duties like cleaning the cages, refilling water and food bowls, and picking up around the building we also spent much of our time playing with the friendly kittens. This little fella was filled with love and sensitivity. He would reach out to us to give so we would give him affection”- SAM Members.

Spunky feline at the Humane Society “This spunky feline was all about being the center of attention. Once we opened the door to his cage he immediately sprung out with excitement. He walked around as if he owned the place but was reluctant to go back in his cage”- SAM Members

Black kitten“As opposed to the normal superstition, this black cat was an absolute delight. He had an equally adorable buddy as well. They were charming and affectionate to us as we cleaned their cage and restocked their food and water. We even had the opportunity at the end of the day to work on a small project by adding wheels to the cats' cages for mobility and ease of future cleaning.”- SAM Members

“As the day progressed, we shifted our focus from cats to dogs. The remainder of our time was spent taking care of the puppies and dogs by giving them time to play outside their kennel, as well as taking care of the animals' bedding.  Once we folded and stowed away the blankets, towels, and toys in the laundry room, we invited some furry friends to play.”- SAM Members

Walking the pups“Once the puppies had exerted energy inside, we changed gears and took the dogs outside for potty breaks and much needed play time.”- SAM Members

 “This little guy was named "Flash."  Can you guess why?”- SAM Members

Humane Society puppy on a walkSAM is a completely student-run club full of future leaders who devote their time to lead and serve.

Published on November 09, 2017

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